Anonymous asked: Ur mom works with my uncle and dad lol

My mom doesn’t work in the porn industry

I’m wondering if there will ever be a Bad Girls Club or Bad Girls All Star Battle reunion where someone DOESN’T go “these bitches have no idea what’s in store for them today”.

bgcoonxygen asked: hey boo) what do you think about winner of BGASB2?

Hey hun!!! I like Tiana but I’m not really feeling her being the winner of BGASB2. It would have been so much more juicy if Mehgan won since she’s had the odds against her for several weeks now. Tiana just accidentally happened to win that final challenge!

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Anonymous asked: How do you feel about Tiana winning All Star Battle?

Mehgan said it best, the only reason she won is because she’s been riding Rocky’s ass the whole time. Honestly, Rocky or Mehgan deserved to win. Or even Sarah. But Tiana deserved it the least, in my opinion.

Anonymous asked: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT REDD? From BGC12

I don’t think anything of her. I’m not gonna assume that she’s gonna be ~THE BOMB~ just because she’s an overweight black girl. We haven’t seen nearly enough of these girls to be picking favorites yet.